DuckTales Remastered Lunchbox Comes With A Gold NES Cartridge

A real golden treasure lies within this special promotional kit for Capcom’s DuckTales Remastered.

DuckTales Promo lunch box set image

Arriving next Wednesday on August 13, DuckTales Remastered will finally “flock” its way onto the PlayStation Network, PC, and Wii U (sadly no XBLA version until September 11). Digitally, and I say this with no pause, the game is an unbelievable nostalgic package of both the classic NES title and the hit cartoon of the same name.

Given the huge excitement of such a release, Capcom did something tremendously “plucky” in the PR push for the game and sent out something quite special to media outlets, a gnarly DuckTales’ lunchbox filled with assorted leaflets, but most awesomely, a golden NES cartridge of DuckTales laid upon a bed of shredded (fake) dollar bills.

DuckTales Gold NES cartidge image

Iye me lads, if a presentation like that doesn’t befit the money-loving tastes of one Scrooge McDuck – who flippin’ swims in a pool of golden coins I remind you – I honestly don’t know what will. And yes, the gold cartridge works on a NES, although it doesn’t play the remastered version arriving next week, but hey, it’s still DuckTales. So yeah, still a good deal.

DuckTales Promo full lunchbox image

It’s kind of silly that Capcom put this much effort into a promotional item that only a few major publications will get… But… it is kind of admirable, too.

DuckTales promo pamphlets image

Really, they could have just stopped with the lunchbox and gold cartridge, but the fact that they threw in cheesy duck-pun filled pamphlets – I especially loved the fake advertisement for a soundtrack with goofy duck-spoofed artists like Michael Quackson and Snoop Ducky Duck – well, there’s no point in getting your “feathers ruffled” if you ask me.

For those taking score that’s three, maybe four duck-related jokes I’ve made thus far, which I’ll promise to stop doing so long as you check out DuckTales Remastered next week, and keep on visiting for more sweet, sweet geeky news, e.g. a rocking guitar ready for a zombie apocalypse and a beastly truck mecha assembled from scrapped truck parts.

Also, a grateful shout out to GameInformer and the MTV Multiplayer blog for providing the images you see above! Thanks, you lucky dogs!