Leaked Durango File Hints at X-Box 720 Controller and Blu-Ray Drive

According to some leaked developer documents, Microsoft’s next-gen X-Box might come with a blu-ray drive, as well as a new controller. This might a teaser coming directly from Microsoft, just as well.

There are many rumors surrounding the X-Box 720, but when some of them are confirmed in leaked developer documents, the waiting game becomes a little more pleasant. Obviously, people are expecting Microsoft to change everything about its video game console, from design to functionality, especially considering the age of the X-Box 360. The Kinect sensor has been launched years after the release of the 360, but that does not mean that the new console shouldn’t come with a new version of it, too.

A new controller should not surprise anyone. After all, Sony adopted the same strategy last month, when instead of announcing a new console, they launched a new controller for PS4. Everyone expected Sony to launch their new console after Microsoft, just as they had promised, so the announcement of last month’s event baffled a lot of people. However, Sony did keep its promise, and the new PS4 is yet to be released, when the timing is right. Hopefully, that will be this year.

Microsoft still seems to be the last one entering the “new video game console” game, as Nintendo launched its Wii U last year and Sony announced the new PS4 just recently. However, this does not mean much. Gamers will have to decide for themselves which console represents the best platform in terms of compatibility, number and quality of games, as well as performance. If we are to add the IllumiRoom concept, I would say that Microsoft has great chances of winning the race, provided that the price of the new console is not too steep.

The X-Box 720 will also come with features that will prevent piracy. For example, Durango documentation states that the game will no longer be played off the disc. In other words, gamers will be required to install the games on the hard-drive. While doing so, the games will go through some sort of validation. Knowing how things work and how “solid” these anti-piracy features usually are, I expect hackers to solve this… erm, problem in no time.

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony no longer have only each other to worry about. The market is now full of Android consoles of all types, not to mention that nVIDIA’s Shield, which is also able to play Steam games remotely, represents a rather hot option, too.

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