Finally, Microsoft References the New Xbox

With technology changing at a breakneck pace, one can almost surmise that gadgets change pretty frequently in the market.

However, we have not seen many updates coming the guys at Microsoft regarding the Xbox. Xbox 360 has been around for a long time but video game players are yet to see a new and updated console, the successor to Xbox 360. Microsoft has been tight lipped about the entire project though rumors have been circulating about the purported console.

However, Microsoft’s Brian Hall recently referenced the ‘new Xbox’ very casually when he spoke about how Windows 8 will be used to integrate many of the company’s services and products. While mentioning Hotmail, Exchange, Outlook, Office and Windows Phone, he also casually mentioned the magical words “new Xbox”. That certainly at least confirms the fact that there is going to be a new Xbox sometime in the near future at least.

The console is already codenamed Durango by video game enthusiasts and also goes by the name Xbox 720. It remains to be seen when the console will be launched, and what specifications one may expect the device to posses. We do suspect that there will be a deep social media integration in the ecosystem, as networking has become a part of the Internet culture. One may also expect better capabilities to handle rich graphics and 3D.

Microsoft has not officially announced the “new Xbox” and we must remember that it was only an employee who mentioned of its existence. Considering Mr. Hall is the general manager of Windows Live, we expect his passing comment about the new Xbox to be quite a concrete affirmation of its existence. We had earlier written that Xbox 720 would feature Avatar like Graphics. Xbox 720 Console Concept was pretty cool too, when we had written about it many days ago.