Bumper Cars Hit the Highway, “Eascape” Fender Benders

Car collision is, unfortunately, not an uncommon thing. Every now and then we come across accidents occurring due to collision of cars. This causes grave injuries to the passengers as well as the car. Years ago, the concept of internal airbags was introduced for the security of the passengers. This has served as a life savior for several people. Sadly enough the car has nothing to protect it from the massive damages it has to undergo due to every collision.

If you own a car you sure must be proud of it and would want to take every possible care to keep it shining bright. But collisions at times cannot be avoided. It may not be your fault but there are many reckless drivers out there who may do the damage. How do you ensure safety of your car in such conditions? Designers Da Wei Xing & Mei Yuan have probably had the same concern which led them to design Easpace.

Easpace is a new concept design which ensures safety of your vehicle and in turn your loved ones. Just as there are airbags inside the car for passengers Easpace provides an external airbag for the car. Placed on the rear side of the car this device contains an LED warning lamp. Equipped with radar, it detects potential collisions and warns the driver to maintain safe distance. In case a collision does occur the airbags inflate and help prevent damage.

This external airbag system is an excellent piece of design that will ensure safety on the roads. Since it is well equipped to give off warnings there will hardly be any chances of collision and in the worst case if one does happen the bags are there to control the damage. Babies, elderly and pregnant ladies need extra care. This has also been incorporated in the design. There is a replacement tag which makes specific mention of a special passenger on board.

Cosmetic damages to a car sometimes fall heavily on the pocket apart from defacing the car. Not to mention the mental fatigue and misery it causes to the car owner. With something like Easpace fender benders would soon be something of the past and the roads would become safer places.

Easpace is yet a concept and there might still be some time till it could turn to reality which it definitely should; not only for the sake of the passengers but also for the car.

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