Realistic Weapons Made of Paper: Papercraft? You Better Believe It!

Matt Milam – technical writer, designer, and owner of Firebrand Creations, has created some awesome papercraft weapons for us to take a look at.  From old school pistols to Dead Space plasma cutters, these papercraft creations have you covered!  The builds seem to be extremely difficult and time-consuming, but the end definitely justified the means.  What’s better than tiny, less-destructive versions of armored tanks and laser guns? Bigger, more destructive armored tanks and laser guns.  But, that’s beside the point.  The point is: these papercraft weapons will force you gray matter to implode.  In a positive way, no doubt.

German Panzer Tank Papercraft

panzer tank papercraft weapons

The Panzer Tank papercraft isn’t really a weapon, but having the ability to blow things up makes it a valid option for this post.  Matt claims that this was one of his easier projects, since it had been done before and already had a build planned out.  Of course, Matt tweaked some things here and there, and did a spectacular paint job, so building this papercraft tank isn’t for the faint of heart.  Just like that Mission: SPACE ride, that basically warns you of imminent pain and nausea before you get on the ride.  Every thirty seconds, there’s either a sign or a green-faced person warning you to leave.

District 9 Papercraft Gun

district 9 papercraft gun

This District 9 Papercraft Gun replicates those seen in that documentary about people blasting aliens to bits and putting them in internment districts.  (Which, despite the lame-sounding description, was a pretty good movie.)  This papercraft weapon is 40 inches long, and built entirely out of 8 X 11 computer paper, an impressive feet in itself.  “It’s feat, not feet.”  Don’t make fun of his feet just because yours are ugly.  “Nobody’s making fun of anybody’s feet, moron.”  Fine.  We’ll get some fast-actin-tinactin, and then hopefully you can lay off of the feet thing.  You always ruin the focus of my articles, mystery man inside of my head.

Fallout Laser Pistol Papercraft

laser pistol fallout papercraft

This Fallout Laser Pistol papercraft brings back a horrible memory involving radiated animals and a terrible autosave location.  On a more related note, unlike many of Matt’s other builds, he used paper mache to complete this papercraft weapon, as the handle would have been difficult to create otherwise.  Also, notice the detailed weathering effects that Matt gave to this laser pistol papercraft.  *Moment of silent appreciation.*  Now, back to my terrible Fallout 3 experience.  Let’s just say that the game glitched and autosaved when I was extremely low on health and being/about to be attacked by a horde of rats and punks.  “That wasn’t the game – you decided to save there and overwrite all of your other files.”  I told you to keep that on the DL, man.  You are losing DVR privileges for this – NO MORE RECORDING DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ON MY TV.  “Please!  Have mercy!”  Fine – but only because I love that show.

Mal’s Pistol Papercraft Gun

mal's pistol papercraft gun

If you’ve ever watched the show Firefly, you’ll recognize Mal’s pistol.  If you haven’t seen this show, which is no longer on the air, you can still appreciate the skill that it took to create this awesome weapon entirely out of paper.  The wood looks surprisingly real, and the finish is impeccable.  Good job, Matt!  Also, good job to myself for writing a wonderful mediocre at best summary of the Mal’s pistol build.

Dead Space Plasma Cutter Papercraft

plasma cutter papercraft

The Dead Space Plasma Cutter papercraft is my favorite of all of these papercraft weapons.  Why?  Because the plasma cutter is by far the coolest sci-fi weapon ever created.  (Exception: lightsaber.)  If you’re looking for more papercrafts or more lasers, check out Futuristic and Powerful DIY Laser Guns and these Video Game Character papercrafts.

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