Exclusive Chinese New Year Collectible Android Figurine

Action figures have consistently immortalized many of each generation’s favorite symbols, from Captain America to Pokemon. They’ve evolved from simple toys into something of an art form. Collectors from all over the world search for limited edition items according to their tastes.

Android Logo
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It seems as though the Android craze has emerged and is contagious enough to deserve its own series of action figures. The original lime green Android mascot is a simple design consisting of a fusion of shapes and elements. Basically, it’s a funny-looking being with antenna, resembling something cute and nostalgic from my own childhood.

Android Cai Shen

There are tons of Android figures out there, from the Vinyl 3″ original Android mascot to a Snow-themed variant, and now a Chinese New Year collectible version. This edition of the Android mascot was inspired by Cai Shen, the Chinese god of Prosperity. This statue seems to be very detailed, especially compared to the older, more simplistic versions.

Android Cai Shen

I like how it still bears resemblance to the original mascot, and retains the Android shape overall. For example, I like how the antennae still exist, even though one is covered by a hat, which is part of the traditional Chinese New Year costume. I also really like the peaceful smile on his face, which is very similar to Cai Shen’s picture on Wikipedia. The designer certainly picked a very joyous character, which is very fitting to bring the new year in. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what the Chinese characters on his scroll means, although I’m sure they are positive words about prosperity. 😀

The costume design is also a plus in my books. The hue of red is very familiar to me, as it reminds me of red pockets and red lanterns, and the red that is so reminiscent of the Chinese New Year.

The Android font is engraved right at the back of this Android figure, subtly enough to not stand out but visible enough to notice. Overall, I think this is quite a unique figure to keep and should be a valuable addition to any collection! If you want to grab one of these, you’ll have to either look on eBay or fly to Asia. DYZ Plastic has 200 of these for sale at $10 each, and they are using a lottery system which I find to be fair but tough to score.

The Chinese New Year of 2011 is on February 3rd of this year, and it is the year of the Rabbit. Wish you all a happy 2011, and look forward to seeing you all around at Walyou!

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Available for a limited time for only $39.99.

Via: DYZ Plastic