Echo Nest Launches Open-source Music Fingerprint Service for Development Masses

While cloud computing and cloud gaming have been gaining popularity among the masses, another area of interest is cloud music streaming.

Echo Nest has announced Echoprint, which is being touted as a platform that would let any developer to create Shazam-like music based identifications online, for a fraction of the cost. Echoprint also could be the globe’s first completely open-source music fingerprint service that would allow developers to create new apps, games and even new music using the technology.

Echoprint is not designed to rival established music identification apps like Shazam and SoundHound but would allow developers to bring music fingerprinting technology to social media apps, and of course cloud streaming services. In fact, it would allow developers to use UK firm 7digital’s catalogue of 13 million songs without worrying about complex database implementations and expensive licensing fees.

Brian Whitman, who is the co-founder and chief technology officer of Echo Nest suggested that music fingerprinting belongs to the Internet, and developers should have access to music just like they would have access to any other open source data. This musical data which would already be fingerprinted would allow app developers to create anything that they choose to without having to run from pillar to post to secure licensing rights.

It could also encourage musicians, and recording artists to come together with cloud-based app developers to create a sort of open-source eco-system that would be mutually beneficial. Developers would now be able to purchase tracks, streaming services from Spotify and Rdio, and other companies which may choose to collaborate with Echoprint in the future.

Cloud computing surely will fuel the growth of open-source platforms which would eventually lead to further democratization of the virtual world and Echoprint is one of the examples. You could also take a look at Best Buy’s Music Cloud Service and learn how to create music via Synapse for Kinect.