Telescope Transformed into Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun

Steampunk art and other creations are still going strong, proof that geeks still enjoy this anachronistic field of fashion, technology, and more. This steampunk SMG is a perfect example for those unfamiliar with the style. The sub-machine gun didn’t really reach popularity until World War II, and the undefined Steampunk era is typically set 40 or more years before that. As a result, ‘future’ weaponry such as the SMG is given a Victorian era twist on its design and its mechanisms, while somehow fitting no era in particular. Steampunk works often look like they could exist in the late 1800s or a hundred years from now. This gun definitely fits that description, and the designer, Neil Morrison, seems to agree as he says it’s based on a Sterling Sub-Machine Gun and “a little bit of Star Wars thrown in for good measure”.

Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun 1

Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun 2

Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun 3

Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun 4

Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun 5

Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun 6

Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun 7

As you could likely assume from looking at it, a telescope makes up the main body of the gun, although many other common items were used to craft the low-tech weaponry. Candlestick holders, various valves, an old blowtorch, door knocker, and even some computer parts are also included, some of which are readily visible when taking a closer look. In some ways, it looks like a new weapon that would be added to Team Fortress 2, while in other ways one can picture Teddy Roosevelt hunting game with this brassy, automatic weaponry. Part of the fun of Steampunk is imagining how the future would turn out if futuristic devices like this existed in the mid-1800s, and one could certainly see how the Civil War or World War I would have been dramatically different. As works of fantasy art steampunk creations are often more intricate than others and, due to them not fitting our preconceived notions of historical fantasy or science-fiction, they also tend to stand out.

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