ecoATM: Get Cash For Phones, iPods and MP3 Players

If you are anything like the typical tech nerd, then you are sure to have a plethora of outdated devices hidden away and forgotten about in desk drawers, junk drawers and closets. It’s time to start making some money off of your old gadgets, so open your drawers and head to your local ecoATM.

The ecoATM is an automated machine that allows users to insert their outdated device and receive a monetary value based on where it falls in the worldwide secondary markets. The machine is easy to use and requires the user to simply place their phone into the slot, wait for the machine to identify the gadget, and then plug in the diagnostic cord, which the machine provides, into your device. Once the diagnostic cord is inserted, the ecoATM will quickly check whether your device is functioning, damaged and/or worth any value. The ecoATM will then give the user a bid on their phone, typically between $2 and $300 depending on the condition of the device, which the user can either accept or reject.

While a device with a cracked screen will be less valuable than a phone in mint condition, the return on a damaged device is greater than what your closet is currently offering you. Many people have iPhones, iPods, droids and other devices hidden away that are water damaged or cracked from habitual dropping. Instead of keeping a secret stash of proof as to how clumsy you really are, trade in your old electronics for cash, a gift card or a charitable donation. Additionally, the ecoATM will typical offer you a better deal than you would get if you chose to sell  your device on an auction site, like e-bay. It also doesn’t make you wait a month to receive your funds.

In addition to mobile devices, the ecoATM will also accept all working (or non-working) accessories like cables and batteries. Devices that are sold to the ecoATM will be refurbished, resold or recycled, and all personal data will be wiped from the device.

Individuals can find an ecoATM in Southern California, San Jose, CA, Redmond, WA, Omaha, NE or Kansas City, KS, but more locations will soon be available.