157,460 Plastic-Brick Dalek Built for Toy Fair 2012

Keychain Daleks no longer strike fear into the Whovians, but the 2-meter tall Dalek that was made out of plastic bricks for this year’s Toy Fair has slightly greater chances.

Considering the size of the Dalek and the number of plastic bricks that were employed, one might imagine that it took months to complete this. Since there were 4 people involved in building it, the entire process took considerably less time. The final result measures 1,90 meters and weighs not less than 280 kg, making it quite difficult to move.

The above video is less than 2 minutes long, but it was filmed using the time-lapse technique, so it actually covers the whole 328 hours that were needed for building this enormous exhibit. It should be noted that all of the 157,460 components were Character Building plastic bricks. Recently, a 19-foot tall Apollo 11 replica has been built out of 120,000 Lego pieces, so I cannot tell which one is actually better.

Character Building seems to be specialized in all sorts of Doctor Who toys, both from the newer series and from the classics. Hence, if you or your kids get attached to one of the Doctors, companions or even villains, you will most certainly find it in this manufacturer’s range of toys. In fact, the Character Building Doctor Who miniatures and construction playsets were launched in January 2011 and the ¬†above Dalek has been built to mark the celebration of the one year anniversary. Besides these Doctor Who toys, the Character Group also makes some inspired from other popular games and cartoons. The company’s other ranges include, but do not resume to:

  • Angry Birds
  • Cars 2
  • Hello Kitty
  • Scooby Doo

As expected, Toy Fair 2012 will include numerous other manufacturers, but Character Building’s gigantic Dalek will surely be one of the main stars of the show. Doctor Who started as an educational TV show for children, so it is mandatory to teach them who is on the Doctor’s side and who are the villains. Character Building could not have picked anything better than the Daleks to mark this event, since they are know to be the greatest and the most fearful enemy of the Doctor.

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