eCool Refrigerates Your Beer Way Below Ground Level

Cellars have been used for keeping food cool for hundreds, if not thousands of years, so from that point of view, the concept used by the eCool refrigerator is not that new.

eCool is a crank operated cellar with a very small footprint, fact that makes it great for all type of backyards. Let’s face it, beer in the summer is like water in the desert, so making sure that it is served cool is highly recommended.

This compact refrigerator measures 4 feet (1.2 meters) in height, so if you listed “digging” among your favorite activities, eCool’s right for you. According to its developers, it would probably be better if you used a garden drill to drive a hole in the ground, but if shoveling is your thing, there’s no one who can stop you.

It provides enough room for 24 cans and doesn’t have to be dug up when the weather gets colder. On the contrary, once you dig up a hole in the ground and place it in, you can leave it there. That’s particularly great news if you live in a warm area where cold beers are welcome all year round.

Using eCool is pretty intuitive. After popping the top, you need to use the hand-crank to get a can to the surface. The same procedure is used when lowering a can in the ground, so things are rather straightforward with this gadget.

eCool is capable of chilling the beer down to the temperature of the surrounding soil, and since that differs from one climate to the other, the manufacturers of this underground beer cooler couldn’t have provided a precise number. Regardless of that, the beer will undoubtedly be cooler than above the surface.

If you found this interesting, then you’d probably be happy to know that eCool is already on sale and for $300 (approximately £178, AU$324), it can be yours! This underground beer cooler proves particularly useful if you get a lot of power outages in your area (case in which you should probably move out), or if you are a green head concerned about saving the planet. Also, if you’re somewhere in the middle of nowhere (a desert, maybe?), having some cold beer handy might prove useful!

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