Edible Accessories – Game Controller Cookies

Choosing your favorite console controller never looked so good… to eat.

Game controller cookies by Peapods Cookies image 1

I know we all have our controller preferences when it comes to the big three. Me, I’m a totally a DualShock kind-of-dude, but I know other gamers speak quite highly of the Xbox 360’s controller, especially when it comes to first-person shooters.

There’s no use trying to convince each other which is the superior out of the bunch though – seriously, like no, there are hundred times more better things to do on the Internet. Such as, admiring these yummy cookies baked to look like a current set of game controllers.

We’ve got Nintendo’s Wii Remote, Sony’s DualShock 3, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controllers all deliciously represented in sugar cookie form by Peapod’s Cookies in New York, New York. In fact, they look down right identical to the real thing thanks to their detailed decoration.

Game controller cookies by Peapods Cookies image 2

Better yet, these baked goods come with the same price you’d pay for a DualShock, but you get twelve of them instead of just one! Peapod Cookies happily sells a bakers dozen for $52, which comes with 3 sets of game controllers containing 4 cookies each.

Also, each cookie in every care package arrives in neat little bags tied with a ribbon, so they instantly make for awesome party favors, like my birthday coming in December (hint, hint), or as a side dish to a dessert spread, just like my birthday coming in December (again, hint, hint.)

Visit Peapod’s Cookies on Etsy to inquire about these special treats, or any other splendidly-themed cookies they’ve got for order. And be sure to inquire about our geeky features here on Walyou, such as super heroes and the fonts that match them, and rumors about Google’s Nexus 5.