Eero wants to fix your Wi-Fi issues forever

A new start-up by the name of Eero have a new plan: to make Wi-Fi network issues like dead spots, range, or long and complicated issues things of the past.

eero wifi 1

You can’t say that Eero lack ambition: fixing all of the Wi-Fi problems in any house hold is quite an undertaking on its own, imagine when you want to make that solution universal. The Eero routers will attempt to simplify all of the processes related to them, for example, setting them up will be done via an app on smartphones that communicates with the router via Bluetooth, which can at the same time be used to send login information to your guests visiting the house. This easy set up can also be used to set up more relays for greater range in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Eero can be all a repeater, router and extender all at once depending on what users require, being added to extended networks or being the sole source of a home’s WiFi. It will make suggestions on how to expand range, and where else to set relays or even more Eero units in case a home is too big, avoiding the issue of multiple networks. It will also reset itself if there’s a problem with the connection, or run any kind of tests on its own assuring users don’t have to get up or do actions on their own.

Each Eero unit sells for $199 per box, but they offer a three-pack at $500: while quite expensive, you might end up saving that later on the phone bill not having to call technicians or friends for help.

Via Eero

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