Arts and Crafts 3D printed Super Bowl #leftshark: behold its beauty

3D printed Super Bowl #leftshark: behold its beauty

The world will remember the XLIX Super Bowl as the Super Bowl of the memes, especially thanks to the fantastic dancing shark which now has become a 3d statue.

3d printed super left shark 1

The now infamous “Left Shark” (also known on some circles as “Drunk Shark”) delighted everyone with its cute outfit, enthusiasm and lack of dancing skills: a match made in heaven, when it comes to memes. Left shark skyrocketed to Internet stardom and before the whole thing ended even Katy Perry herself declared him, the MVP of the Super Bowl. Sorry, Tom Brady, you just did some things with a football.

3d printed super left shark 2

Like every decent meme out there, of course Left Shark would eventually become a 3D sculpture, and thanks to the work of Fernando Sosa (AKA Political Sculptor) we can now enjoy having a Left Shark replica on our shelves or living room. And, in case you lack the equipment to print it yourself, a 3D printed Left Shark meme can just be bought for $24.95. Now, if only Nintendo would release an Amiibo version…

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