A Stretchable Phone? Surprising Elastic Smartphone Concept

When I switched from my first cell phone to my first smart-phone, I was a little worried as to what my reactions would be to a totally on-screen keyboard. The phone, a Blackberry Storm, was great, and I quickly grew to love it, though I always had issues with the keyboard, though new concept ideas have begun to further improve the field of on-screen keyboards.

Where to place a keyboard, if at all, and how to place it has been of concern since smart-phones have emerged, and one innovator seeks to change it once again with something called the Elastic Phone.

While it isn’t exactly stretchable, the Elastic Phone is a brand new concept phone that features “a flexible keypad with OLED and touch-feedback technology.” This would allow users to place the “buttons” wherever he/she wishes, and allow for multiple formats for various situations, such as games, media playback, and messaging.

Moving the keyboard around the screen would not hinder the display, as the user can place it where ever they wish, and along with a moveable keyboard, it features little feedback devices all over the keyboard in order to provide a real keyboard feel to the phone. While these features may not be entirely new (my Storm had a click-able screen), it may be a vast improvement from anything that has previously been seen.

This phone is truly innovative, and possibly something to be seen on the markets in the future. It provides for all of the needs of everyone, from the basic phone user who simply needs phone and messaging, to the advanced user who requires their phone to act as a few devices in one. Not only that, but it provides many more opportunities for the future of all phones, allowing for designers to think outside of the box, like this designer did, and possibly incorporate new features and functions into phones that have yet to be seen.

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Via: Design SC