Kickass Electric Delorean Launches In 2013

The DeLorean is back (in time?), this time around as an electric car, and as cool as ever. Welcome, big guy, we missed you!


The DeLorean had always been pretty cool, but became a cultural icon ever since its prominent role and appearance in the Back to the Future series, as Marty and Doc Brown’s sweet, sweet ride. Now, after years of being out of production, the car was set to re-enter the scene last October. This time around it’s an all-electric DeLorean, same as the one that made a surprise appearance at the New York Auto Show last year.

The initial release date announced back then was early 2013, but reliable sources doubt that the car will be ready to hit the road by then, as so far “all the company has is the converted DMC-12 to show off the technology.” Still, the technology is very promising. The car is going to be powered by a 32-kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, and can accelerate up to 125 mile per hour top speed (hey, as long as it’s more than 88, we’re cool with it), with a range of 100 miles. The price is… errr, $95,000 dollars. Hey, I’d be absolutely willing to pay this if the car could actually travel through time.


Some cool anecdotic details: the car is currently equiped with a DC motor, but it will eventually switch for an AC version once it leaves the prototype stage, as it is going to have better range, performance, and even regenerative braking ability. The old-school dashboard is also due for an upgrade, although it is clearly not necessary. As long as they keep the time machine, right? Did we mention that we can’t get over how cool Back to the Future is?


The creators of this machine, aware of what they’re selling, put in some cool references to the movies: The DMCev has a license plate that reads “Gas? Where we’re going we don’t need gas” and a battery that carries the “Flux Power” nickname. What a bunch of geeks… and we love them for that. If you’re curious and want to see more about the car, check the video below.

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