15 Fun Etch A Sketch Gadgets and Mods

Etch A Sketch is very likely to bring a smile on your face whenever you hear its funny cute name. The little gadget has been an inseparable part of our childhood when we would spend hours drawing on its flat gray screen and then shake it to see all the images magically disappear in amazement. 

As we grow up, the busy schedule together with other interests have taken us away from the old toy. Yet the magic drawing board remains an inspiration for designers and inventors to create the coolest Etch A Sketch themed gadgets. Below are 15 of them.

3D Etch A Sketch

Here comes a futuristic gadget that will take your childish game to a whole new level. This Sketch 3D is pretty much like the classic Etch A Sketch, except that it is a lot bigger, has an extra knob, and can draw 3D images. The third dial draws lines that show depth, which are visible only when users wear red-and-blue 3D glasses. It was made by O2 Creative Solutions using a Pico-Itx single board computer and is based around an Intel Atom processor. Unfortunately, it’s just an artistic experiment which means you won’t find it at your nearest toy store.

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Etch A Sketch Clock

It’s absolutely amazing to see the way this Etch A Sketch automatically etches the time, erases it blank, and renews itself with the new time. With the invention of Etch A Sketch Clock, watching the seconds tick away has never been more riveting.

Digital Etch A Sketch

This Wired Etch A Sketch is the hi-tech variant of the old school toy. The TV Etch A Sketch system allows for a wide variety of modes to be used including Cool Drawing Tools, Trace A Pic, Super Sketch, and Connecting the Dots. The controller that features the two classic Etch-a-Sketch knob still gives the toy its feel from decades prior. Of course, you can still shake the controller and the screen will clear.

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Computerized Etch A Sketch

The masterpiece behind this super geeky system must be an absolute combination of a cyber freak and a Etch A Sketch ultimate fan. The system allows one to control the plotter’s movements with a mouse or joystick, record what movements are done, so one can edit and play them back. This robotic device is also capable of erasing the Etch A Sketch by flipping the whole contraption upside down and tilting it back and forth. Understand? Neither do I.

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World’s Largest Etch A Sketch

worlds largest etch a sketch design image

Only those who have spent part of their childhood playing with an Etch A Sketch will understand the feeling of having a gigantic one. With a superb 52 inch projection television, this Etch A Sketch, designed by Jeri Ellsworth, will guarantee you loads of fun. In the future, Jeri plans to enable the giant Etch a Sketch for IRC bot control.

Homer Simpson Etch A Sketch

Homer Simpson has been around since forever. The quirky cartoon character has grown to be part of daily life of many of his fans and can be found in almost every object including the little drawing board. This Etch A Sketch takes the form of Homer’s head – at least a portion of it. His brow area contains a screen for your kid to explore his/her imagination, while turning Homer’s eyes will let you start off on a clean slate.

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Hello Kitty Etch A Sketch Purse

If there is something that a girl can possibly love more than Hello Kitten and Etch A Sketch, it must be a Hello Kitty Etch A Sketch! This extremely adorable purse is big enough for you to keep your money, your credit cards and a bunch of other girly stuff.

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Etch A Sketch Freestyle

The Freestyle version is an upgrade from the classic Etch A Sketch toy with a freestyle controller that swivels 360 degrees. Now you can draw lines, loops, curves and curly-Qs with ease! It doesn’t sound very simple for a 3 year old kid, but if you want your child to have the a new taste of his/her favorite toy, you can get it at World of Toys for $14.

Pocket Etch A Sketch

This Etch A Sketch is not only small enough to rest comfortably inside your pocket when you want to take your little friend out, its pink and purple colors will also distinguish the toy from its red-white peers and make any little girl fall in love from the first sight.

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Etch A Sketch iPad Case

You might have never imagined the amazing similarity between an iPad and an Etch A Sketch until you see this Etch A Sketch iPad case. The Etch a Sketch cover is not only sturdy enough to keep it from ripping apart easily, it also comes with proper ventilation areas to make sure that your iPad will not get heated up.

Etch A Sketch Replica iPhone Sleeve

Etch a Sketch case is a perfect replica of the good old toy complete with two buttons for two control knobs and stitched zigzag lines showing the patterns created. The inner double lining made entirely of felt makes it a perfect pouch for sophisticated gadgets like iPhones, iPods etc. The i-Sketch, as it’s called, is hand embroidered, measures 13cm in length, 8.5 cm in width and will cost approximately $22.

Etch A Sketch Laptop Bag

This cute Etch A Sketch laptop bag can help protect your hi-tech gadget and bring the fun of your childhood’s game with you all the time. Crafter Betz White  made this one for her brother Roger’s birthday, so she called it a Rog-A-Sketch. The cool carrier is made from wool felt with Velcro closures and has button knobs that really turn.

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Etch A Sketch for iPod

This application will relive the drawing fun of Etch A Sketch while listening to your favorite tune. With your fingers, you can touch, draw, or dazzle digitally on the multi-touch screen. You can use both knobs at once like the real Etch A Sketch, or shake the screen to start all over again. The application is also available for iPhone.

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Skull A Day and Etch A Sketch

As weird as both of them sound, Skull A Day and Etch A Sketch do rhyme! And somehow somebody actually brought them together. Noah over at Skull-A-Day  posted pictures of his latest work on an Etch-A-Sketch. It looks fantastic. For those not in the know, Noah is creating a skull out of whatever he can find every day for an entire year.

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Exploding Etch A Sketch

It’s pretty sure that very few of Etch A Sketch lovers have ever thought of breaking down an Etch A Sketch, let alone seeing it happen. Adam Voorhes went even further to present a picture of an Etch A Sketch explosion in slow motion. Not to mention his amazing photography skill, his guts to sacrifice an Etch A Sketch for fine art alone should be highly appreciated.