Evernote releases its Pfeiffer Collection of desk accesories

It can be really hard striking a balance between useful and good-looking at the office. And no, we’re not talking about ourselves, but about desk layouts.


Evernote, the guys behind a cloud storage service that also takes notes and provides solutions and gadgets for the workplace has announced the Pfeiffer Collection: a set of desk accessories meant to make your life easier. These gadgets and accesories are meant to be both beautiful and useful, thus enhancing the way you work. The collection includes a tray, slotted cup, stacking cup and tablet dish in soft touch plastic ($19.95 USD) or walnut wood ($105.95 USD).

This collection was created by furniture designer Eric Pfeiffer. Evernote probably best known for his iconic bent plywood designs. The idea is that Evernote and Pfeiffer are just getting started, and the collection will grow in time.


You may check out what’s already out there at Evernote’s Market website.

Via Geeky Gadgets

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