Robot Fish Replace Detergent in This Sci-Fi Washing Machine Concept

Washing machines didn’t exactly go through any major design changes in the past couple of decades. The one imagined by industrial designer Chan Yeop Jeong for the Electrolux Design Lab does not only redefine the shape of washing machines, but also the way they function.

Basically, Jeong concluded that the detergent that’s used by millions of people is harmful for the environment, and proceeded to designing a washer that cleans clothes using robot fish instead of this dangerous compound. The idea itself is beautiful, as real fish would also be hurt by detergent.

Pecera, as this design concept is called, makes use of robotic fish that eat the dead cell skins in a similar way to the doctor fish used as part of spa treatments in the Netherlands (and most probably in other parts of the world, as well). On top of that, the robot fish that populate Pecera consume the dirt found in clothes as if it were a delicacy. As a matter of fact, the collection of robotic fish even has a name, Dofi.

The Dofi rely on hydroelectric power to circulate through the garments, and are able to detect dirt by using a minuscule camera that’s incorporated in each fish. If you thought that the awesomeness of this design concept stops here, you couldn’t have been wronger. Each Dofi uses an alkaline liquid jelly to take the dirt apart and then absorbs it. Needless to say, this is an eco-friendly way of washing clothes that prevents oxidation and discoloration, two things that occur quite frequently when using conventional detergent.

Pecera would also work wonders for people with sensitive skin, who are affected by chemical detergents. Replacing these with the Dofi isn’t the only measure that proves the industrial designer’s love for the environment. This washing machine design concept does not use multiple washing cycles, in order to save water and energy.

Since this is an exercise in design, I should talk a bit about Pecera’s innovative shape. Given the unusual forms, people would be able to place this sci-fi washing machine anywhere in their homes, as washing clothes in such a thing has the potential of being more entertaining than television. It would really be a show, were this product a reality!

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