Senseye Technology Introduces Eye-Controlled Cellphones

Move over iPhone, as you may just get some competition from eye-phones soon! Touch-screens phone are so passe, since (and by that we mean any time in the future) one will be able to navigate their smart-phones from their eyes.

They say “eyes are the windows to the soul”, but can eyes actually be the window to ones mobile needs? A big resounding ‘yes’ if tech company Senseye is to be believed, as they are currently working hard on developing cutting-edge eye-tracking technology.

The idea is to utilize the forward-facing camera of a smartphone and take a reading of the user’s eyes to track their movement on the display via complex computer-vision algorithms.  So if someone is looking at the Angry Birds icon, the technology will work its magic and open the game. Senseye is currently in talks with major mobile companies and hopes to incorporate this technology in Android handsets by 2011.

While eye-tracking technology is not a new concept, what Senseye is attempting is quite revolutionary. But the company needs to take care and make it as intuitive as possible, since no one will like having stare offs with their smart-phones.