Smart Software For Your Smartphone

SPB Software, a company that saw the light of the day in Sankt Petersburg in 1999, grew up to be one of the most important developers of apps for smartphones.

A while back, SPB Software used to be popular for the apps that it developed for Windows Mobile smartphones, which were also commonly known as Pocket PCs. Nowadays, the company builds software for a wide range of mobile operating systems, such as:

  • Android
  • bada
  • BlackBerry OS
  • iOS
  • Maemo
  • Meego
  • Symbian
  • webOS
  • Windows Phone 7

In fact, this developer did not limit itself to making apps for smartphones. More recently, the tablets also caught the attention of SPB software, which is totally understandable, if we think about how popular these devices have become.

Unlike other developers who usually focus on creating apps with a single purpose in mind, SPB Software decided to explore both entertainment and productivity as possible areas and in my opinion, they have succeeded in both of them. Probably the best proof that sustains my statement is the “pièce de résistance” of this developer, namely SPB Mobile Shell. Android benefits of an improved version of the shell – SPB Shell 3D. A few days ago, the developer also launched the 3D version of the shell for Symbian.

What SPB Mobile Shell and Shell 3D do is to change the way the user interface looks like. The GUI becomes more friendly once this shell is installed, users have access to their smartphone functions and apps more quickly, and features initially not included by the manufacturer are added. Ever since this mobile OS shell was launched in 2007 it enjoyed such a great popularity that it even won some awards. Some smartphone manufacturers even asked for customized versions of the shell that would come preloaded on their products and SPB Software delivered.

Besides SPB Mobile Shell, another popular app coming from this developer is SPB TV. It used to be a paid app, but now it is free, so anyone can enjoy watching TV channels from all around the world on their smartphones or tablets. Other apps that are worth mentioning are listed below, depending on the category they fit in.

Business, Communication and Multimedia

  • SPB Diary
  • SPB Finance
  • SPB Flash Cards
  • SPB Mobile DVD
  • SPB News
  • SPB Online
  • SPB Phone Suite
  • SPB Radio
  • SPB Time
  • SPB Traveler
  • SPB TV
  • SPB Wallet
  • SPB Weather
  • SPB Wireless Monitor


  • SPB Brain Evolution
  • SPB Geo Game
  • SPB Online Games
  • SPB Puzzle
  • SPB Quads

Make sure to check some or all of these, as trial versions are available on the developer’s website.

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