Samus Aran Sculpture with the Help of Nintendo Cartridges

Those of us who started to play video games back in the 90s usually tend to keep a stash of vintage game cartridges hidden somewhere.

These cartridges usually are defunct and we no longer play them, but still do not have the heart to get rid of. A modder has created Metroid’s protagonist Samus Aran with the help of a number of vintage video game cartridges. Samus Aran, one of the most important female protagonists of the gaming world stands 5’6″ tall and looks pretty good.

The sculpture was crafted from several defunct Nintendo games ranging from Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy. It sure must be a tough task to build all those cartridges and make them look like Samus Aran. He however could have left the original stickers and covers on the cartridges alone. By painting or covering them up with paper, the cartridges do not look like vintage games anymore and have sort of lost their charm.

Nevertheless, it sure is a great way to make sure that those cartridges which provided us with endless fun are not wasted and allowed to gather dust in a corner. The sculpture was commissioned for JJ Games and is now available on eBay for sale. If you are a vintage video game player and would like to get hold of this piece of geek art, you should be heading straight towards eBay and bid on this Samus Aran sculpture made from Nintendo video game cartridges.

If you would like to have Samus close to you all the time, you could go ahead and purchase the Samus Mighty Mugg. If you would like something more action figure-like, you could try and get yourself the Metroid Prime Gunship, which too is pretty cool. Do take a look at the Metroid 25th Anniversary Video, which was created by a group of fans.