New Eye of Sauron Kinect Hack has Tolkien Laughing Six Feet Under

Kinect fanatics at The Technology Studio have come up with a new way to scare the $%@! out of your friends with a Puffersphere.

Eye of Sauron Kinect Hack

Lord of the Rings fan or not (And let’s be honest, we all loved LOTR on the big screen), the thought of the Eye of Sauron staring at you in the dark and chanting, “You cannot hide,” and “I can see you,” as you desperately search for the light switch dampens the pants of even the brawniest of elves, or hobbits for that matter.

But enough preface, check it out for yourself:

Yes, that’s right. The eye even follows you as you walk by. Aggressive marketing/fear tactics, eh? Even cooler, The Technology Studio is offering demo code for fellow Kinect hackers to try it out for theme selves.

Unfortunately, as The Technology Studio’s blog points out, unless you already own a Puffersphere, you’ll be needing to save a few paychecks to purchase one first or contact Puffer Fish directly to see about allocating such an expensive marketing tool here. You’ll of course also need an Xbox Kinect and PC to work on creating the image and programming it all.

But even if this is out of your league, it’s good to know Kinect innovation is getting more interesting every day. To find more fun Kinect hacks, be sure to check out Walyou’s posts on the Invisibility Hack and Street Fighter Hack.

Via: The Technology Studio