The Face of Mark Zuckerberg Made From a Stack of Books

When most of us think about artists creating portraits of famous people, we think of a canvas and paint, because that seems traditional. But here’s a new and innovative style that has the founder of Facebook’s portrait made out of stacked books.

Hong Yi, also known as Red, is a well known artist throughout Shanghai for her portraits and paintings. And it is not just the final product that everyone is amazed with, but her choice of medium. From making street art out of socks, coffee cups, sunflower seed, and basketballs, she is now moving on to a new medium for her next impressive piece of art – books.

After a recent trip to America, Hong Yi, known for using popular Chinese figures for her subjects, wanted to create a portrait of a famous American in honor of her trip. While she originally started asking friends and fans on Facebook, she soon realized that the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, should be the one immortalized in her art.



The title of the piece is called Facebook and consists of three columns of carved books that have been stacked one on top of the other. It was inspired by her work at an architecture firm. Using a technique she was already using at work, Hong Yi sliced through and made grooves in 36 very thick books in seven days. She had to make sure the shadows here perfect to create Zuckerberg’s face just right.

(Via: My Modern Met)

If you are thinking about getting rid of some old books, maybe it is time to upcycle them and create your own piece of art, like portraits out of Yellow Pages!