Medieval Versions of Batman and ‘Friends’

We’ve seen the awesome work of Igor Kieryluk before, in previous Medieval takes on DC and Marvel superheroes and super-villains. This time he comes with a project named Gotham 1459, which shows Bruce Wayne and a few of his villain gallery in a look from 500 years ago.

Medieval Batman

And now to the less bloody look, probably before a righteous kill, as well all know Batman does try to avoid killing the bad guys…

Medieval Catwoman

Selena Kyle gives off a witch-thief kind of vibe in the Gotham 1459 adaptation, meaning she’ll finally end up getting burned by some angry villagers.

Medieval Joker

Even when dressed in Motley and probably serving as a fool for a king or a lord or a baron, the Joker looks just as deadly and scary as his future self, maybe even more. Reminds me of Cicero from the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.

Medieval Two-Face

I’m not sure if this version of two face is a bad stitch up job by some village healer after he got hit hard by a pair of horns, or is he half abomination that grows up to be a terrifying villain. Brings ‘The Antler Men’ from ‘A song of ice and fire’ to mind, and what Joffrey did to them.