The Facebook Card: A Really Rad Way to Purchase Gifts

While the stock market is busy lapping up on Facebook’s recent success, the company is constantly looking for alternate sources of revenue.

facebook card

The Facebook Card was just announced by the social networking giant, which allows people to purchase gifts offline instead of doing so online. Instead of buying someone two different cards from two different stores (let us say, Target and Sephora), you can buy $50 each for Sephoora and Target on the same Facebook card.

Moreover, all the balances on the card can be managed through Facebook’s mobile app. Right now, Facebook has tie-ups with Jamba Juice, Sephora, Target and Olive Garden. Instead of you choosing gifts for your friends, the Facebook Card allows you to give them coupons with the help of which they can purchase whatever they want in the stores they desire. The benefit is, there is no need to carry different loyalty cards from different stores.

All the stores that participate in Facebook Card scheme will be available offline for people to make purchases. However, we must note that only $5 million of Facebook’s $1.3 billion revenue came from gifts purchased. This card may help Facebook to earn more revenue and impress its investors further. Meanwhile, all you people out there can begin to be nice to your friends, so that they refill your Facebook Cards with money so that you can purchase what you want.

If you are a Facebook fan and would like to understand the world’s largest social networking site better, we had published awesome Facebook Infographics sometime ago. If you are a smoker, you might also want to take a look at Facebook Cigarettes. The Facebook Cards might revolutionize the way we buy gifts for people. We can now have Facebook Cards of our friends and families in a list, and we can choose to refill them with money from the desired store on special occasions without bothering to make trips to those stores ourselves.