Nintendo Provides Hardware/Software Sales Infograph

Have you ever wanted to know the complete numbers of how much one of Nintendo system’s has sold? Well, there’s an infographic for that.

Nintendo Wii U GamePad white image

2012-2013 third quarter financial results for Nintendo are in, but instead of releasing boring old numbers like every “Joe Shmoe Vidjagaems Company”  the company provided a simple to read infographic that details the life-to-date sales for almost every piece of hardware they’ve released since the inception of the NES (sorry Virtual Boy, no infographic for you.)

“Life-to-date sales” in laymen terms means the total amount of hardware – and the infographic accounts for software, too – a particular console has sold since its birth. In this category the fresh-faced Wii U has managed to sell 3.06 million units worldwide, which is a mighty respectable number, especially when you compare it to its console gaming rival’s (i.e. Sony and Microsoft) launch numbers.

Nintendo Hardware and Software Sales Units 12312012 image 1

Nintendo Hardware and Software Sales Units 12312012 image 2

Unfortunately, these figures don’t stack anywhere close to what the Wii did in its first few months, a cold reality that forced Nintendo to reconsider their financial forecast for the rest of 2013 – a cut in production for the Wii U & 3DS to be precise. Demand – for whatever reason, be it price point, unappealing software or a lack there of, or poor messaging – isn’t there for the new console, at least for the foreseeable future.

All things considered – because I’m not a cynical jerk-face – the company still took in a whopping $160 million net income thanks to solid 3DS sales. Plus the system’s savior will undoubtedly be Nintendo’s first-party games, and with the recent Nintendo Direct showcasing an impressive outlook of future tittles (Wind Waker HD!!!), we’re far away from boarding the “Doom & Gloom” express.

Enough of such talk though, how about we gander at the rest of this infographic. Yup, there’s more and it give us hard data on past Nintendo consoles. So if you ever wanted to end a flame war about how many GameCubes or Game Boys were sold in their existence, this would be a rather handy chart to keep at your side.


Nintendo Hardware and Software Sales Units 12312012 image 3


Will you look at that boys and girls. The NES, despite being out matched by better specs and what not, still kicks the rears of its console successors  in terms of sales by a remarkable margin. Although, it gets left in the dust like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner by the Game Boy with a colossal total of 118.69 million hardware sold. Amazing.

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