SnapChat gets rid of stalking features, fans explode in rage

Snapchat, the app that became famous for not leaving logs nor traces of conversations recently received an update which in turn wasn’t well received by its users.


The latest SnapChat update brought a couple new features and changes to the table that were received with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Fans seemed to enjoy the Discover feature, a new way to explore stories from different editorial teams, allowing users to access a never ending amount of audiovisual content featured in different webpages and media.

The change that was not well received, though, was the removal of a feature the team hadn’t realized how important it was: users can no longer check who the best friends of their friends are (aka, who do they talk to the most), effectively cutting down on the stalking capabilities but also the fun factor. Users took their complaints all around the Internet, and especially to the app stores where SnapChat is featured.

Because of this Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel had to come forward and announce via Twitter that this functionality would be brought back in the very next update, with better interface and options to adjust itself to the needs of all users – which we imagine just means they’ll make it optional.

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