Oh Boy, What a Hellboy!

There is a child within each one of us and it is this child that adds joy and excitement to life. As long as we keep the child alive, we experience zeal and happiness in everything we do. All of us have our own means of exploring and expressing our child instincts. One means of doing this is by maintaining our hobbies and reliving our childhood days. This is what probably Jared Cain does by creating Munny figures of his characters.

Going by the nickname of Nikejerk3, Cain has shared many of his Munny creations, the latest one being of Hellboy. Like all his other works this figure is accurately done to the last detail. You can clearly see every aspect of Hellboy well etched out which brings the viewer instantly face-to-face with the character. What we get to see is a red colored demon with narrow yellow eyes, stumps on his forehead, a broad jaw line, lips showing large white teeth, and a powerful fist. This is exactly what the creator Mike Mignola had in mind and Cain has done full justice to Mignola’s creation.

Hellboy first appeared in 1993 as a comic book superhero. His real name is supposed to be Anung Un Rama while he goes by the aliases of World Destroyer, Great Beast, Beast of the Apocalypse, Right Hand of Doom, Son of the Fallen One, Brother Red, and Red. His pseudonyms are quite an insight into the qualities and abilities of the character. Though demon, he works with other characters in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) against the dark forces as he was brought up as a normal boy by Prof Bruttenholm.

What the creator had originally developed was a large demon but Cain’s is a Munny Hellboy. A Munny is a small seven inch blank figure that can be customized as per one’s preferences. Colors, features, accessories can be added to it to give it the appearance of a chosen character. Cain chose Hellboy and transformed a blank seven inch figure into the very popular demon character. Size, however, hardly matters much over here as what can be witnessed is the expression on the face of the character and this one sure looks pretty influential.

Not only has Jared Cain created the Munny Hellboy but he has also made a custom packaging box for his figure. Done in the same Hellboy red color this octagonal box has the name of the character running all along the box. Some of Mignola’s notes featured in the feature film are also inscribed on the box. This is a Hellboy figure well created and well packaged making it an awesome piece of creation.

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Via: Flickr