Incredible Fallout 3 Nike Shoes

If you’re gonna step outside The Vault, you better gear up, like this fan did when he created these custom Fallout 3 Nike Shoes. Now, survive.


This is the work of Jacob, who goes by PattersonArt at the Custom Sneaker Forum. This incredible pair of shoes follows the aesthetics seen in Bethesda’s acclaimed Fallout 3, but has also built in a couple of really cool goodies. There are two jailbroken iPod Touch inside the tongue, each displaying Fallout visual themes, and playing music while the wearer walks – the playlist depends on the user, though. This is definitely more than a simple and boring paint-job, the project seen in here is incredibly well thought.


The project, according to Jacob, took a bit over a year to be completed, but hey, that’s cool: he needed some breaks in between to play Fallout and get more inspiration! It was surely time well-spent.


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