Russian Man Suing Bethesda, Claiming Fallout 4 Ruined His Life

Addiction to anything, including video games, is dangerous when it gets out of hand. One Russian man who played a little bit too much Fallout 4 which allegedly cost him his wife and job, is blaming the video game developer instead of himself.

Fallout 4

A 28-year old from Krasnoyarsk in Russia played Fallout 4 for three weeks straight with hardly any stops except for some sleeping breaks, on the way losing his job for not showing up and his wife, leaving him after he ignored her all that time.

The man is claiming he wasn’t warned about the addictive nature of the game, and wants to take Bethesda, an American company, to court over what playing Fallout 4 did to his life.

He claims he only intended to play for a couple of evenings, but instead became addicted and started skipping work in order to play. He was fired, meanwhile stopped meeting with friends and family, while his health deteriorated for lack of sleep and food.

Video Game addiction meme

He is seeking 500,000 roubles (just under $7000) for emotional distress, with the law firm representing him saying it’s going to see how far it can take this case, which might suggest they’re not completely confident they’re going to win anything.

As you might expect, this isn’t the first time someone is suing a video game company for being addicted to one of their games. Craig Smallwood of Hawaii sued NCSOFT for his addiction to Lineage II, an MMORPG that came out in 2004. He also claimed he wouldn’t have begun playing had he known that the game was so addictive.

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