Post-Apocalyptic Thomas the Tank Engine by Y Nakajima

For those who know Thomas the Tank Engine as the cute headliner of Thomas & Friends or The Railway Series, this Post-Apocalyptic version of him created by Japanese sculptor Y Nakajima will come as quite the surprise.

Post-Apocalyptic Thomas the Tank Engine by Y Nakajima

Nakajima doesn’t just turn Thomas into a scary looking war machine that would fit well in the Fallout universe or resemble that spider thing from Wild Wild West. He gives him a new backstory that seems to be a combination of creativeness and a slightly dark/twisted mind, often something creative people are blessed with.

Nakajima created a toy that is mobile and works on remote control, with a body that can rotate and even more impressive, shoots lasers! It’s capable of shooting a 300 mW lasers that’s capable of popping balloons or igniting matches. He used water-based acrylic paint to give it this unique, rusty, worn out look.

Post-Apocalyptic Thomas the Tank Engine

Nakajima used to work for the prestigious sculpture studio of Takayuki Takeya. Now he’s on his own, focusing on making models of soldiers, vehicles and monsters, often giving them some sort of nightmarish or spooky twist, which has us all intrigued about his creations.

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