Fallout PIP-Boy iPhone Mod

Plenty of prop replicas from the iconic Fallout videogame series have been made before, and the PIP-Boy wrist-computer may be -along with the Laser Pistol- amongst the items most often reproduced. This one is just as exquisitely crafted as many others, but it has an edge that makes it stand out: It’s been adapted to fit an iPhone as the screen.

The replica is the work of UK DeviantArt member ~chanced1 and it looks simply amazing. This is what RobCo and Vault-Tec industries would probably be advertising as their newest joint venture, an update of the signature PIP-Boy 3000, if our everyday world somehow managed to clash with Fallout’s retrofuturistic, nuclear-tinged universe. iPhones already serve a near endless string of purposes as it is, so it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that they’d be modded to be used as personal information processors in a Fallout-esque reality.

The replica was made almost completely with card and paper which means it’s very light-weight, yet the paint job is so well done it gives it an adequate appearance of sturdiness. The left hand dial actually moves and the whole thing can be securely attached to the wrist through a hinge and velcro system. Inserting the iPhone is a breeze. As ~chanced1 himself explains, “Just open the flap inside, slide in the phone with the lock button on the left, close the secure housing behind and you’re ready to go.”

On the photographs, the iPhone screen shows a sight Fallout 3 enthusiasts will immediately recognize: Vault Boy, the Vault-Tec mascot, and a series of stats including the player’s Level and their Hit, Action and Experience Points. As far as I can tell this is only a theme. If someone came up with a proper iPhone app that mimicked PIP-Boy’s interface and functions, the whole concept would be taken to the realm of the impossibly cool. Even without that, though, it’s worthy of commendation and it’d make an incredible accessory for Fallout cosplayers … or just Fallout geeks in general.

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Walyou ES Via: deviantArt