Fan-Made He-Man Game Matches 1980s Cartoon Style

By the power of Greyskull! Check out this fan powered He-Man videogame that amazingly copies the animation of the classic cartoon series.

He-Man 1983 cartoon game image

Compared to all the rad 1980s cartoons, He-Man seems to be the most ridiculous of them all. That’s saying something considering the era, but when revisiting the show, there’s so much to too it that seems laughably unexplainable. He-Man himself is a muscled-out dude wearing a furry diaper, carrying a sword, and riding a green tiger – that’s just plain cray cray.

I couldn’t imagine the near impossible task of trying to infuse such lunacy into any other form or medium, but one such group did. A group of He-Man fans got together to develop a 2D action game of the Final Fight, Streets of Rage kind, that looks amazingly straight from the 1983 cartoon itself. Right down to the character sprites and backgrounds.

He-Man 1983 cartoon game image 2

This incredible project was done thanks to OpenBOR, a 2D gaming engine designed by the folks down at Chrono Crash. With it, one can download any module located on their website and play whatever kind of game designed for the indie platform. And in this case, one can download this He-Man game and run it on their PC.

Sadly, it’s only a demo. Albeit a meaty one with 9 stages and one boss, plus you get to control the likes of He-Man, Battlecat, and the rest of his zany-looking friends. Check out this link to see how to install this game on your own. It takes a little tinkering to do, but you should hopefully having it running in no time. Or you can just check out this video of the game in action.

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