What is the Fastest Ship in the Universe (Infographic)

The New Horizons sattelite needed 10 years to reach Pluto from Earth. But how long would it have taken some of the most famous ships we know from fictional works?

According to the calculations, it would have probably been faster to send the Millenium Falcon or the Plant Express ship from Futurama in order to take the pictures from the distant planet.

Alas, they weren’t available to NASA at the time, and so they sent something slower to cover the distance from Earth to the edge and a bit beyond of our Solar System.

What’s the distance? Well, because of Pluto’s orbit, at its furthest it’s 4.67 billion miles (7.5 billion kilometers) from us. When the two planets are at their closest, they’re only 2.66 billion miles (4.28 billion km) apart.

The Fastest Ship in the Universe : How Sci-Fi Ships Stack Up
The Fastest Ship in the Universe : How Sci-Fi Ships Stack Up Created by: FatWallet.com

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