Jedi Selfies – the new Star Wars app is here

2015 is slowly but surely becoming the year of Star Wars. With many games, movies, comics and now apps incoming, it just happens to be everywhere. Take official Jedi selfies and watch the videos in this story.

Star Wars App 1

Disney and Lucasfilm have released an official Star Wars app for iOS and Android devices, which also happens to be free. This app is a new way in which fans can interact with the franchise, which now seems more ever-reaching than ever. This app will act as a news central for fans of the saga, with news, stories, multimedia, activities, and even some augmented reality features in which we can make a Storm Trooper jump on our desks, while customizing the backgroun, colors and themes. This is just an app, not a game. so it’s not something you can play every day, but it sure can give you some entertainment.

Amongst the many features in this app, you can check out the weather Star Wars style, news and videos from the official website and social media channels, newspapers and blog entries talking about the saga, and a countdown to the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakes late this year – it’s essential for the fans who want to be in in the latest.

Star Wars App 2

Amongst the many other things you can do, there’s a section with GIFs that are ready for copying and pasting wherever we want to share them. Also, its system for selfies also has a sharing option, and can offer many environments and characters to pose with us, or even dress us up as pilots, soldiers or even Princess Leia.

Also, our phone can turn via augmented reality in a lightsaber, or bring a Stormtrooper to life. While its range might be limited, there is plenty of fun to be had walking an imperial soldier through our desks. That can be done scanning the poster illustrating this very post.

Disney and Lucasfilm have promised to keep this app updated, and give it more and more features as time passes, including new characters and options while we wait for the next entry in the movie saga. You can download it for iOS and Android devices on their respective stores.

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