Dead Space Plasma Cutter with Real Lasers

It seems to be almost human nature to take something and make it more dangerous, which is why this designer took his toy plasma cutter from Dead Space and gave it some actual lasers. Dead Space has become a popular new series not only because it’s fun and scary as hell, but because it introduces some interesting new tech. From Isaac’s badass armor to his assortment of weapons, there are plenty of shiny new toys for gamers to enjoy. What I find to be the most frightening aspect of the game isn’t the Necromorphs, but the weapons. They’re supposed to be mining tools, but instead they just back up my earlier statement about how humans like to make things more dangerous; with flying rotary blades and dismembering lasers, it’s clear that OSHA has no authority in the far reaches of space.

Dead Space 2 Laser Plasma Cutter

This miniature plasma cutter comes with the collector’s edition of Dead Space 2, but rather than slicing off arms and legs with ease, it just has a few LEDs that light up. That wasn’t enough for Kipkay, who decided that it was time to crack the casing open and replace those boring lights with some actual, high-powered lasers. Using a 1W blue laser and a 600mW purple laser for the lights on the outer edge, the green LED in the center was replaced with a brighter, blue LED. Once it’s put back together, you can really see just how much of an improvement the mods make. The outer lights are now lasers which form visible laser beams much like the gun in the game. Granted, they still aren’t strong enough to sever the limbs from the walking dead, but Kipkay shows that they do produce enough energy to pop balloons and light matches.

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Via: Toybot Studios