What Did People Google the Most in 2014?

As the year comes to a close, the search engine Google has released its official list of what we Googled the most during 2014.

Game of Thrones Daenerys

Move over Twitter! Get in line Facebook! The site that most of us go to when a breaking news story hits is Google.

Although Twitter may go at a million miles an hour sometimes, especially when a big news story hits, a good many of us still like to head to the web’s most used search engine to find out the gossip. As Google often puts links to specific news articles about a topic (if it’s been talked about in the past few weeks) in searches, that’s no wonder.

There were plenty of things to talk about – good, bad and horribly tragic – and lots of people shouting, whispering and crying about them. So with official stats on which stories were the biggest, Google has now released the info of what we were searching for.

Germany World Cup

In first place is ‘Robin Williams’ sadly because the well liked and respected actor and comedian took his own life from suicide, second place was slightly more joyous as people were Googling the World Cup which took lace in Brazil over the Summer. Third and fourth place went to more tragic circumstances, Ebola and Malaysia Airlines, after the disease swept through African nations whilst the Malaysia Airlines flight seemed to disappear altogether.

Fifth place went to the most entertaining goodwill event ever (ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) and sixth place went to the app that everyone loves to hate (Flappy Bird). Seventh went to singer Conchita Wurst after she won Eurovision and overcame her haters and eighth went to terrorist organisation ISIS. Ninth went to Disney film Frozen and the Sochi Winter Olympics came in tenth, so no gold medals for them.

Google also release separate, more specific search information. For example, while Frozen was the most searched movie of the year, Game of Thrones was the most searched for TV show. The iPhone 6 was the most searched for gadget and the most searched for GIF was this one of Mexico national football coach Miguel Herrera.

Source: Google

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