Go Camping in Style with Awesome FieldCandy Tents

Tired of having a tent that looks like all the others on the campground? Make your fellow campers jealous by camping in style with an awesome FieldCandy tent.

field candy tent

How many times have you gone camping and realized that every other tent at the campground looks exactly the same as yours? It can get kind of depressing seeing the same bland tent lot after lot. Apparently this is something the good people over at FieldCandy noticed, and decided to come up with a solution.

FieldCandy tents are not your typical camping tents. How many times have you seen people camping in a miniature circus tent, or one that’s covered in angry little monsters? Probably not as often as you’d like.

creepy clown field candy tent

Tents like these aren’t designed to help you camouflage your campsite in the middle of the woods; they’re designed to make your tent stand out, and hopefully cause a little bit of campsite jealousy when everyone sees how awesome you are.

The nice part is that these are genuine, weather sturdy tents, and not just pieces you keep around for show. Each tent is waterproof, wind resistant and comes with all the features you need to survive a weekend out in the woods.

field candy old time tent

According to our source, there are currently over 40 designs available, by a team of 18 artists working with field candy. Some of the other curious designs we’ve seen include food based tents that look like slices of watermelon and cheese, and a really cheesy, but great, tent that’s covered in drawings of rayguns.

Each tent is individually numbered, along with a label that shows the design name. With limited numbers of these going around, you can bet that you’re not going to bump into too many of these anytime soon.

Prices for these tents range from $400 to $1000, and are available for purchase through the a really cool Portal 2 plush toy.