5 Geeky Marriage Proposals as Video Game Hacks

Videogames have a history of 30-40 years in pop culture, and as such, it’s part of our lives to the point where gamers actually propose through them. We are still getting married, working, and living our lifes as every other generation did, but the unique state of pop culture at this time involves things that were unheard of or unimaginable in the past, such as videogames. Commemorating our love of them, the change, and the love two people might have for each other, the geeky crowd with the know how has started creating wedding proposals in the shape of video game hacks. Here’s some of the cutest ones we found.


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Portal 2 Wedding Proposal

If the bride wants the ring, she’ll have to work for it and solve a couple puzzles! The particularly cool detail in this video is that everyone at Valve loved the idea, and even got Ellen McLain, GLaDOS herself, to record some fitting, witty dialog to keep the bride company.

We originally talked about this proposal here.

Super Mario World Hack Wedding Proposal

This simpler hack (in comparison) uses the SNES classic Super Mario World to send the message, but what really makes it cool in our book is the fact that they also included the bride’s reaction. Here’s to a life of stomping Goombas together!

Chrono Trigger Proposal Hack

Now, this is a really cool hack based on one of the most beloved JRPGs of all time. The area blends in perfectly with the in-game world (just as the author intended), and his bride was able to run around reminiscing some fond memories of them in this entirely new area, created especially for the ocassion.

Marriage Proposal as a Zelda Hack

If you’re ready to feel the love in the form of an 8bit classic, read all about Amani2’s proposal here. This is one of the cutest ways to propose, ever.

Marriage Proposal Zelda Hack 1

That’s right, Love is as powerful as the Triforce.

Borderlands Engagement Video

The guys at Gearbox love their fans almost as much as Ben and Tora love each other. That’s why they helped Ben creating a cool, hilarious video he could use to propose. STD references aside, this is an extremely cute video, and we’re glad there are people in the industry who care so much for their fans.