Portal 2 Plush Turret Will Kill You… With Love

We would call the characters of Portal 2, one of the best games this year, anything but ‘cuddly’, but someone is dead-set on changing our beliefs…


Fans who adore Valve Software’s best-seller “Portal 2” are in for a treat in the shape of one of the cutest plush we’ve ever seen, shaped as the hilarious Turrets found throughout the game. The fantastic opera singers can now join you in your room, although lacking the machine guns (you know, for your own safety, and that). Forget now about Wheatley, Chell, GLaDOS and all that drama: let’s get on with the cute!

The Portal Turret Plush is an officially branded product that requires three AAA batteries to work, but  once fed, it talks like the turrets in the game, repeating some of the most iconic light, and flashing its eye (“[That] is how it says it loves you”, according to the creators). Thanks to the sensor incorporated in it, it can detect your movement, and react accordingly saying phrases such as “Target acquired”, “There you are”, “I see you”, “Preparing to dispense product” or “Activated”. If it gets knocked over, though, it’ll say “Critical error”, “Shutting down”, or “I don’t hate you”. Also, after 30 seconds of inactivity, it’ll repeat “Are you still there?”. All of these are lines taken straight from the game, and most fans should recognize them.

If you like this 14.5″ High plush, head over to ThinkGeek, and acquire yours. Otherwise, stay with us and read about some other Portal goodies, such as Cute and Detailed Portal 2 Personality Spheres, or Would You Be My Friend: Portal 2 Turret Creation.