22 Hip Flask Designs

A hip flask is not just a thin flask for holding a distilled beverage. Described by Modern Drunkard Magazine as the best gift one can give, engraved hip flask proves to be an important part of pop culture. As a hip flask’s size and shape are suited to a trouser pocket, you can secretly carry it everywhere to make you feel like you are always loaded. Its unique design can also be used to show off with your friends and boost your confidence. 22 beautiful hip flask designs below will make you understand why hip flasks are so popular.

Game Boy Flask




Via: Stellar Custom Images

To satisfy the thirst of crazy game fans during intensive game sessions, Etsy shop Stellar Custom Images has introduced an awesome collection of geeky flasks. There are Game Boy Flask, Nintendo Flask, Legend of Zelda Triforce Flask and many more, available at $33 each.

Digital Camera Flask


Via: Binocktails

This crappy digital camera is actually a flask in disguise for those who want to sneak some alcohol into offices in the face of the bitchy bosses or into concerts where alcohol is forbidden. Judging from its size, the digital camera flask won’t be able to get you drunk, but it will still make you feel high because of its awesomeness.

Blackberry Flask


Via: Binocktails

If you want to drink like an executive, try this 3oz Bev-Burry flask which looks like a Blackberry from 1980s.

Binocular Flask


Via: Binocktails

They also sell 16oz Binocular flasks in the shapes of, guess what, binoculars! With a capacity relatively bigger than its siblings listed above, the Binocular Flask is perfect for a treat out in the nature.

Belt Buckle Liquor Flask


Via: Cool Buzz

Another flask in disguise, the 2oz belt buckle liquor flask keeps your spirits handy and your pants intact. The flask can be slipped out easily whenever you need.

Hammer Flask


Via: Besportier

The hammer flask is a flask that will make you look like you are working hard while you are actually just having fun in the garage. The full-fledged hammer is hollowed out to contain your favorite beverage and the hammer-head serves to crush a pile of ice for awaiting cocktails.

Gun Powder Flask-Sundial Compass Watch


Via: Cool Buzz

People in the 16th century seemed to have a much better taste than we do today. Built in southern Germany circa 1590, this beautiful sundial compass watch works perfectly as a hidden flask with funnel-shaped small pipe placed in the socket allowing for filling up the powder flask, measuring 10.08 cm in diameter.

Steampunk Flask


Via: Dread Nought Designs

With undying steampunk spirits, Dreadnought designs on deviantART created a really cool steampunk hip flask. The large brass clock gears look simply amazing, and the modern belt goes surprisingly well with the wooden case.

Noir Elegance Flask


Via: Felicia Bleu Rose

Built with real leather and clockwork bits, the Noir Elegance flask is another beautiful steampunk inspired flask. One unique thing about this design is that it comes with typewriter keys that spell the owner’s initials.

Disposable Flask


Via: Nerd Approved

If you are trying to sneak some drinks into a concert, there is a great chance that you get caught and your expensive flasks get confiscated. So instead of bringing your favorite flask, try this disposable flask. The flask comes flat and the size will increase when you pour in more alcohol.

Horn Shaped Tube Flask


Via: Smoke Shack

The horn shaped tube flask is not only cool looking but also very practical. It can store two different liquors at the same time, and the body can twist in the middle for easy access to liquors on each side.

Portside Flask


Via: Uncrate

Wake up the pirate in you with a sip of rum from this Portside flask. Made from stainless steel with a screw-off top, the flask resembles a porthole on sea-faring vessels with a window that lets you see the beverage inside.

GI Gas Can Styled Hip Flask


Via: E-Potpourri

Liquors are the ultimate energy drink to lift up our spirit, and the GI gas can styled hip flask takes this notion literally. Designed after the classic GI gas can, the flask even comes with its own filling funnel.

Homer Simpson Flask


Via: Plunder Guide

You don’t have to be a Simpson fan to appreciate Homer’s good sense of humor and cynical wit. Engraved with Homer Simpson’s quote  “To alcohol! The cause of… and solution to… all of life’s problems”, the Homer Simpson flask is a perfect embodiments of Homer’s spirit. It also comes with a matching Homer Simpson cup set.

“Hang Over” Flask


Via: Mash Kulture

The “Hang Over” flask is a smart flask design that explains exactly the reason why you have a hangover. Guess what is the best part? The manufacturer of the flask is called Reason.

Jack Daniels Golf Flask


Via: The Awesomer

Jack Daniels Golf flask is a luxurious flask design to show off your style during your golf session. The set consists of a stainless steel flask, four tees and a pitch repair tool. The flask features a removable black leatherette cover that can be attached to your belt loop.

Skull & Crossbones Poison Flask


Skull & Crossbones Poison flask’s design makes it the perfect carrier of your favorite poison. Made of aluminum, each flask comes with a unique screw-on top and clip for attaching it securely to a belt. They are available in different colors so that you can pick one that best suits your style.

Ladies Pewter Hip Flask


Via: Saddler

When God created alcohol, he must have hoped that the heavenly beverage would be available for both men and women alike. Unfortunately, most flasks seem to be designed just for men. Ladies, equip yourself with this amazingly elegant Dragonfly hip flask from Pewter, one of rare flasks designed with ladies in mind.

NEC Flask Phone


Via: Geekologie
NEC flask phones are beautiful transparent phones designed in the shape of a hip flask. The mechanism is a combination of old school fuel and innovative touchscreen. The see-through case allows you to manage the fuel usage as the phone won’t work when the fuel is used up. Even though the liquid is not for human consumption, nobody can stop alcohol freaks from replacing the ethanol inside with some rum or vodka.

Hip Flask Phone Design


Via: Dezeen

Inspired by the hip flask, the stylish Vols Cell Phone is ergonomically designed to fit the body. There is an interesting story behind its name. As explained by the designer, the phone is named after a law in effect in the United States from 1919 to 1933, making the manufacture, sale, and transport of alcoholic beverages illegal.