A Journey Do It Yourself Costume By Tina Lam

Some sewing knowledge and big help from a clever graphic designer can grant you a lovely Journey cosplay outfit of your own. Find out how!

Make a Journey costume image

A leading candidate for one of the best games of 2012, Journey on the PlayStation Network is an imaginative, soul-lifting title. Simplistic in it’s aim as it may be, it still manages depth by use of grandeur scenery and a creative multiplayer that allows your red-hooded avatars in the game to communicate with other wandering strangers by a strange window chime-like echo.

No voices, no text messages. Heck, the game doesn’t even tell you the PSN ID of your traveling companion. Which is totally great, because it only further adds to the mystique of Journey’s world. A “less is more” attitude and style that has certainly enamored a lot of fans. It’s purely anecdotal, but I swear I’ve seen an upswing of con-goers dressed as the game’s shrouded characters.

Of the one’s I’ve seen caught on camera, they sure are pretty. And I would think, an easy cosplay to perform, too. Really, I doubt you have to worry much about meeting a highly unrealistic body shape just to fit into tight pair of yellow short-shorts… *Blank stare* Can’t un-see Man-Faye, can’t un-see Man-Faye, can’t un-see Man-Faye. *Shivers* Ugh…

Journey costume - picture by Ollie and CoreyJourney costume 2 - picture by Ollie and Corey

Photos taken by Ollie and Corey

Where was I? Right! Journey cosplay. What about it? Oh, well, it seems that you can challenge your cosplaying skills by designing a costume of your own thanks to graphic designer Tina Lam and her set of instructions found through her tumblr site. That’s Tina up above (I think), by the way, showing off the end result’s of her splendid ingenuity.

Just two words: AH-MAZING. Okay, that’s more like two syllables, but whatever. My point still stands. Tina’s Journey cosplay efforts are fantastic, and if you don’t mind getting too nitty-gritty with a sewing machine and getting acquainted with your local crafts store, you can make one, too. Just head over to her tumblr page and seek out the helpful files there.

Don’t forget to “Journey” (teehee) back to Walyou afterwards though, to see the Olympic Games going 8-bit and a truly bad-ass giant robot with Gatling guns that are equally so.