Gigantic Flower Sculptures Invade the Netherlands

It’s no secret that the Dutch have a thing for flowers (tulips in particular), but learning that they have a festival where gigantic flower sculptures are showcased, is really mind-boggling.

As if the fact that the Netherlands is one of the best possible countries to live in, the Dutch also have this annual event called Bloemencorso, which takes places in Zundert. At this parade, they display sculptures made entirely from natural flowers. To be more specific, all the sculptures are made from a single type of flowers: dahlias. The scale of the sculptures is actually unbelievable, and if the following photos are not enough for you, maybe you will find the 78 minute long video at the end more credible.

If these exhibits could be described in one word (besides psychedelic, that is), that word would be “diverse”. The designers of these sculptures did not do only models of cartoon-like humans. Instead, they included animals, buildings and even something that looks like a spaceship. People paid so much attention to details that for some who does not know, it is incredibly difficult to tell what the sculptures are made from.

The pink and yellow sky-scrappers from the above picture appear to belong to a very busy metropolis, judging by the lines that are meant to resemble cars in motion. The giraffes seem to be stacked in a similar manner.

Above what looks like a rhinoceros made from arrows is a side of a spherical structure around which astronauts orbit. Rest assured, these are only some of the exhibits present at the parade. To see all of them, you will need to watch the video at the end, but do not worry, you won’t regret it not even one second.

A splashed war-horse and a lavish lady laying on her back are the next two sculptures pictured. One of the most interesting facts about some of these sculptures is that they are not static. As shown in the video, some parts move, making these masterpieces even more impressive.

The last two images include an armored knight and a cow that features some sort of pipe system beneath its skin. After seeing these, I hope two things: that I won’t ever have to choose between all the floral sculptures I’ve written about and that I’ll get to witness in the flesh this amazing festival.

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