Halo: Reach’s Kat Spartan Armor Made By Fan

One of the best pieces of hand-made costuming you’ll see from the Halo universe.

Kat Armor Build Halo Reach LilTyrant image 2

You know what I find highly interesting about the Halo series? Is how visibly recognizable it’s become this past decade, especially when its key players – Master Chief and the rest of the UNSC crew – all hide behind space helmets with rarely a peek at their facial features. Just goes to show you that armored-suits have as much popular appeal to gamers as all-you-can-eat pizza.

Case in point, LilTyrant and her self-made Spartan armor (Imgur link) based off Kat, a computer-hacking ace from 2010’s Halo: Reach. According to her message board post on 405th Infantry Division – an Internet community based on creating armor from the Xbox-exclusive shooter – this was her first time dipping into such a project, which is surprising considering how flippin’ fantastic it came out for a first-timer.

Kat Armor Build Halo Reach LilTyrant image 1

If anything, it looks like this sweet outfit came from a major movie props manufacturer, but it’s not. Everything from the blue-painted futuristic armor sitting on top and the stretchy-fabric wetsuit lying underneath – or “Spartan undies” as LilTyrant cutely dubs – was sewn together by one passionate Halo fan, albeit with some subtle omissions, like Kat’s helmet cam and tactical case, but still a grand accomplishment either way.

And if you’re wondering (you probably weren’t, but I’m telling you anyway,) LilTyrant promises to add those forgotten parts later on. She just wanted to finish this particular Spartan armor just in time for Halloween. Geeze, with an awesome costume like that cruising the mean streets, she must have gotten all the candy. All of it.

Kat Armor Build Halo Reach LilTyrant image 3

Now, you can check out LilTyrant’s step-by-step process for how her Spartan armor was made over at 405th Infantry Division, where you can see more detailed pictures and learn if you’ve got the right stuff to build your own suit. I probably would, but I’m not so good in the crafting department. Although, I do make a pretty good birdhouse out of Popsicle sticks!

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