Send Your Loved One an iPad Postcard

Okay, nobody would be silly enough to actually mail their iPad in an envelope. This interesting package is actually a protective casing for your precious tablet, and it looks vintage-cool, too!

iPostcard 1

iPostcard 2

Goodluck Goods came up with this nifty design, which combines nostalgic styles with eco-friendly materials. Though the surface looks like leather, the iPostcard is actually made of natural cellulose fiber, like a strong type of paper that is pliable but resilient. No synthetic substances like PVC and other plastics were used in the finished product, as the creator proudly states.

iPostcard 3

The outer surface is waterproof, and the brightly-colored inner lining is soft and keeps your iPad comfy and scratch-free. The back of the iPostcard contains a pretend address and message, which gives onlookers the illusion that you’re carrying a fat brown envelope ready to be mailed.

iPostcard 4

Check out the front of this brown-paperish iPad sleeve, and find a cool string tie which is reminiscent of authentic manila envelopes and boxes. This sure beats a Velcro patch or zipper any time. It adds to that mail and parcel look whenever you tote around your iPad. Just don’t make the mistake of dropping the iPostcard into a mailbox when you’re sending out your real mail.

iPostcard 5

If you want to get an iPostcard of your own, you can order via Goodluck Goods’ Etsy shop for only $39.99. This will make an excellent gift for your iPad-loving friends and relatives, as the iPostcard’s inner lining has three different neon colors to choose from: pink, orange, or green. You can also pick from any of three addresses printed on your fake brown envelope. It will seem like your iPad was mailed from Paris, London, or New York.

iPostcard 6

Another bonus come-on for the iPostcard: its packaging is also made of recycled materials.

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Via: Design Boom