How to Fool People into Buying DVD’s

Lets say you’ve got some animation talent and a bit of money to throw into production and set up a studio, even distributions. The problem is finding inspiration and an actually good idea. Even the big studios like Disney, Pixar, Sony and Dreamworks take their ideas from somewhere most of the time.

So, you can’t really compete with these companies when it comes to quality. What do you do? Make something cheap, rip off the name with a couple of adjustments, mimic the cover art to make it look similar and there you go: A fantastic DVD people might not notice is not the real thing, coming at an extra cheap price of £3. Same same, but different. Expect a mega lawsuit coming in the direction of British company Brightspark, responsible for these works of art very soon.

From Happy Feet to Tappy Feet

From Tangled to Tangled Up

And it doesn’t end there: From Puss in Boots, a Shrek spin off, came the idea for Puss in Boots: A Furry Tail.

First There was Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, so Brightspark Came up with: Life’s a Jungle – Africa’s Most Wanted.

Pixar also got the Brightspark treatment with their latest hit, Brave. The new movie didn’t change the name, just added a couple of words to start off with: Kiara the Brave.