Force of touch technology is coming to the iPhone

Apple recently introduced a new technology on their latest Macbooks, where force of touch can be used on a mousepad  to input commands. This very same technology could be coming to the next iPhone models.

Force of touch iPhone

Apple have a new project underways to enable iPhones to detect force of touch, or just how hard the user is pressing the screen, and use this to give the phone commands. This is the same technology that can already be seen in the upcoming MacBooks and Apple Watches. The new technology would allow the phone to distinguish between light tap and deep presses allowing for different customizable commands depending on how they interact with the surface.

This information doesn’t come straight from Apple, but from its suppliers, who claim Apple is trying new things that might or might not end on the next iPhone for many different reasons – just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Also, the production of the pieces for the next iPhone is scheduled to start in May, so we might have to wait a bit before anything comes from this.

This technology could be used for a variety of things, like music apps, or the next Flappy Bird (can you imagine the frustration?) – or who knows what, but the revolution will be in the hands of the developers.

Via: WSJ

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