Online Trivia Game ‘Givling’ Aims to Solve Student Debt Crisis

As higher education becomes an expensive luxury for those in the United States, online trivia game Givling looks to give students a way to pay off their debts.

Givling Trivia Question

When students are in school, they are told the same thing, ‘go to college, get a degree and get a higher paying job afterwards’ but how can we expect students to follow that path of higher education when it’s becoming increasingly expensive to do so? According to estimates, many students across the globe will still be paying off their student loans when they’re in their 40s and 50s and 85% of students will never pay off their debts at all.

Considering how important higher education is when it comes to the workplace, these figures are absolutely astounding. It’s unfair that students should have to pay so much just for the simple privilege of learning and so a new online trivia game called Givling aims to ease the load of student debt, by paying students for what they know,

How Givling works is that each participant pays 50 cents to take part in a true or false trivia game, answering questions about a range of topics. You get three strikes and getting three wrong answers means you’re out but if you succeed then you can carry on going until you’ve used them all up.

Givling Score

That’s simple enough to understand, right? Things get a bit more complicated when you hear how the cash is paid out. Every day players are randomly put into teams of three and then there’s a cash payout for the team that scored the highest. Obvious issues here are ‘what if I get randomly put in a team with people who don’t know anything’ but this does at least stop people from teaming up and gaming the system.

Aside from these smaller cash payouts, Givling also operates a scheme that can make its users millionaires. When Givling raises $10 million, half of that is split between two high scoring teams whilst the other half solves the debt of those in the ‘Giving’ queues, which is a funding queue that people can join via open calls on the Givling Facebook page, whether they’re a Givling player or not.

Admittedly, since the level of student debt currently stands at $1.2 trillion it’s unlikely that Givling is going to eradicate the student debt crisis entirely, but it’s certainly a worthy attempt

Source: Givling

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