Record Your Ride with the GEKO Full-HD 1080p Dash Cam

Dash cams have numerous applications, from helping you create a timelapse of your road trip to acting like an eye witness in case of car collision. PapaGo’s GEKO E100 Full-HD 1080p dash cam, which is currently featured on Walyou Deals at a heavily discounted price, represents a smart solution that does both of these and more, without breaking the bank.

When it comes to picking a dash cam, the options are so numerous that you need to think of your priorities. Do you need one that alerts you whenever you go over the speed limit? Or one that’s aware of the poor light conditions and recommends you turning on the headlights? If you’d rather stick to the basics, then the GEKO E100 full HD dash cam may be what you need, since you’d have to pay a premium for the extra options, anyway.

PapaGo’s GEKO E100 is really a set-it-and-forget-it type of product, as you don’t have to go through overly complex menus to make sure that each of your trips gets recorded. Besides being very simple to use, this dash cam is also very well built, as it packs everything you could want from a budget-friendly device in a very compact body.

One of the major selling points of this product is definitely its ability to record in 1080p. All you need to do to notice the major difference between full HD dash cams and products with poorer resolutions is go to YouTube and watch several videos shot with both categories. The full-HD cameras provide so much more detail and clarity, that in the event of a car collision, there won’t be any doubts as to what happened.

Secondly, PapaGo’s GEKO E100 dash cam features a long cord for power source that enables you to place it in any corner of the windshield without having to worry that it won’t be powered. Besides that, the cord is long enough for you to route it in a way that doesn’t bother you while driving.

An aspect that differentiates the GEKO full-HD dash cam from its competitors is the motion activated recording. That means that you don’t have to remember to hit the record button each time you get in the car for a ride.

The screen has also been designed in a way that makes it very convenient to use. You can flip it in any position suits you the best. Some may complain about its small size (1.5-inch in diagonal), but it really is very unobtrusive, so it won’t distract you while driving.

Included with the dash cam are a car charger, a suction cup mount, USB cable and an 8GB microSD card with adapter. Once the files are recorded, the device write protects them, to prevent overwriting, so you’ll need to transfer the videos to a PC every so often.

PapaGo’s GEKO E100 full-HD 1080p dash cam is available on Walyou Deals for $59.99 (originally $100, so we’re speaking about a 40% discount here) for the next three days. Get yourself one if you want to make future road trips more memorable, if you need to feel safe while driving, knowing that any and all traffic events will be recorded.

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